Skin Motion


11/14/22 - After 5 years, Skin Motion is pausing operations. We would like to thank each and every one of you who was part of this journey with us.

After a series of social and technical challenges the past two years, the servers went down and require more to bring back online than we can support with no revenue and our small team. A third party team was attempting to update the servers the past few months, but they have been unsuccessful leading to being offline.

We are looking at different possibilites to enable existing customers to play back their tattoos in the future. We can not guarantee that this will happen for sure, and have no timeline for when playback may work again. If we find a way we will let you know. We all have Soundwave Tattoos and would love to hear them again too.

All subscription payments have been paused indefinitely and no one should be charged going forward. Responses to support emails will be significantly delayed until there is more information to share.

We will share more information here as it becomes available.

- Skin Motion