We have two goals: to give people the highest quality tattoo experience, and to connect them with tattoo artists who understand their needs.

Skin Motion Tattoo Artist Network

As the first video we posted of the Soundwave Tattoo™ began to go viral on Facebook, an overwhelming amount of people started writing messages to us asking for Soundwave Tattoos™ and where could they get them? At first we thought a tattoo shop was a good idea, but soon there was demand from every part of the planet and it became obvious that we were going to need a Tattoo Artist Network around the world to make Soundwave Tattoos™ for all the people that want them.

Soundwave Tattoos™ are an entirely new type of media, bridging the physical and digital worlds in real time. They are the first product Skin Motion™ are offering in a line of new media experiences for tattoos. We would like to formally invite professional tattoo artists that want to get certified to create content for our application to fill out our tattoo artist application.

The majority of people who are interested in getting Soundwave Tattoos™ have lost a family member or loved one. They require and deserve the highest level of compassionate care through the tattooing process in order to aid in the catharsis that comes from their experience. We will do everything within our power to ensure that the artists we recommend are qualified in every possible way, and that they have a respect for the circumstances behind the meaning of our customers tattoos.

When a customer orders a Soundwave Tattoo™ through our website or app, they are given a list of tattoo artists nearest to them who are trained and registered to make Soundwave Tattoos™. The customer provides the Tattoo Artist with a copy of their Soundwave from the Skin Motion™ app or website and the Artist can tattoo it as it is or elaborate on it, and the customer pays the Tattoo Artist for the tattoo.

Artists will be required to renew their registration and answer a survey each year.

Members of the Skin Motion Artist Network will receive the following:

  • 1 year membership to Skin Motion™ Artist Network. One year starts when the app launches publicly.
  • Exclusive access to the Skin Motion™ Artist Network website, and pre-launch development blog.
  • Listing in the Skin Motion™ Artist Network directory.
  • One Soundwave Tattoo™ – coupon to be sent when the app is released publicly.
  • Affiliate code that pays you a % of each Soundwave Tattoo™ you sell.

In addition to what they receive, artists will be eligible to be featured in Skin Motion™ press releases, social media, marketing and advertising.

Artist Directory Listing Includes:

  • Biography
  • Instagram Feed
  • Location
  • Website link
  • Social Media links
  • Reviews from Skin Motion™ customers
  • Referrals from Skin Motion&trade App of customers in your area