Soundwave Tattoo Waiting List

People have been signing up for the waiting list to get Soundwave Tattoos from all over the world. It’s been one month from when Nate did the first Soundwave Tattoo and already 16,411 people have signed up on the waiting list to get one. Anyone interested can get on the waiting list here.

Here is a break-down of where some of those people are around the world. We have started signing up Tattoo Artists to make Soundwave Tattoos, and already have members in the USA, Australia, Austria and Singapore. Many more artists have applied and we are reviewing their applications now. Artists who would like to sign up are encouraged to apply here.

Within 50 miles of:
Los Angeles: 851
San Diego: 155
Anaheim: 883
San Francisco: 441
Portland: 135
Seattle: 196
Phoenix: 226
Las Vegas: 80
Salt Lake: 70
Dallas: 294
Houston: 290
Denver: 144
Kansas City: 89
Chicago: 359
Indianapolis: 91
St Louis: 72
Miami: 119
Atlanta: 304
Nashville: 68
Washington DC: 287
New York: 620
Boston: 187
Pittsburg: 74
Philadelphia: 220
Detroit: 176

In each country:
United States: 10,353
Mexico: 753
Canada: 221
Brazil: 282
Chile: 101
Colombia: 182
Germany: 197
Spain: 234
UK: 231
France: 160
Italy: 170
Australia: 197