Monthly Archives: May 2017

Soundwave Tattoo Memorial on Josh

Josh got a tattoo for his Dad Bob who passed away from cancer. After beating cancer, Bob became a motivational speaker and recorded a video that Josh chose for his Soundwave Tattoo. Nate used that audio clip, generated the Soundwave and tattooed it on his arm. Josh’s brother Alex shares the story of their father’s video.

Misty and Josh’s Soundwave Tattoos on CBS

Misty Hoover and Josh Gallner share their Soundwave Tattoos and the reasons they got them with CBS News’ Chris Martinez. Misty got her daughter Lily saying “I love you Mommy” and Josh shares his tattoo of his Dad’s amazing advice on how to accomplish anything. One of the best things about Soundwave Tattoos is how […]

Soundwave Tattoo Waiting List

People have been signing up for the waiting list to get Soundwave Tattoos from all over the world. It’s been one month from when Nate did the first Soundwave Tattoo and already 16,411 people have signed up on the waiting list to get one. Anyone interested can get on the waiting list here. Here is […]

Tattoo Artist Network Registration

Skin Motion is proud to announce that one month since the first Soundwave Tattoo we are taking registrations tattoo artists who have applied and been approved to become members of the Skin Motion Tattoo Artist Network. Artist who have yet to apply are encouraged to do so now with the Artist Application. Over the next […]