Soundwave Tattoo Waiting List

People have been signing up for the waiting list to get Soundwave Tattoos from all over the world. It’s been one month from when Nate did the first Soundwave Tattoo and already 16,411 people have signed up on the waiting list to get one. Anyone interested can get on the waiting list here. Here is […]

Skin Motion Artist Network membership registration Wed May 10 at 2pm PDT.

The first 100 tattoo artists from over 15 countries have applied to join the Skin Motion Artist Network in the first week. Members of the Skin Motion Artist Network will be our exclusive service providers for the more than 9000 people who have signed up on the Soundwave Tattoo waiting list from around the world. […]

Announcing Skin Motion – Tattoos brought to life

After a whirlwind of two and a half weeks and over 14 million views on Facebook, Skin Motion, LLC is proud to announce that their mobile app and Soundwave Tattoo product will be available in June 2017. Founder Nate Siggard created the first augmented reality Soundwave Tattoo capable of playing back the original sound. As […]