Soundwave Tattoos are the first product by Skin Motion. Our app creates tattoo designs from audio that can be played back and shared using the Skin Motion app.

The Skin Motion app is currently in development and is scheduled for release in Summer 2017. Our patent pending technology creates personalized augmented reality tattoo experiences like never before.

We are pre-qualifying tattoo artists around the world to work as our partners to deliver the highest quality tattoo experience. Artists are encouraged to apply here.

Nate Siggard
CEO / Founder

Nate is a tattoo artist, designer, producer and entrepreneur from Los Angeles. He is passionate about the intersection of art and technology and has created and produced new media experiences for the past 15 years.

Rob Kotz
Full Stack Developer

Rob has been in the tech world since graduating from Northwestern University with a dual focus on Computer Science and Philosophy in 2007, and has most recently been on a years-long quest to build the perfect life-balance between work, travel, backcountry adventure, music, and exploration of the subtle realms.

Andrew Kilkenny
AR Developer

From Animatronics to Augmented Reality and everything in between, Andrew strives to breathe life into the most engaging experiences on the face of the planet.

Juliana Damiano
Co-Founder & Customer Support

Juliana has over 10 years of customer service experience and genuinely cares for each and every one of our customers.